Brininstool + Lynch Office Buildout


Brininstool + Lynch, Ltd.


1144 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607

ملخص المشروع

Interior office buildout in downtown Chicago.

حجم المشروع

4,000 SF

موعد الإكمال


مهندس معماري

Brininstool + Lynch, Ltd.


Established in Chicago in 1989, Brininstool + Lynch has brought rigor, vision, and elegance to diverse projects since its founding. Brininstool + Lynch has received over fifty major design awards, including twenty-eight Design Excellence Awards from the American Institute of Architects.

Helios oversaw the renovation and interior buildout of this three-floor office building. Originally designed by Brininstool + Lynch, we converted the space to a modern open office space. Many of the historic interior details were adapted for use by modern requirements. The new office space included new open and private offices and workspaces, new HVAC and electrical work to accommodate the new layout, as well as dropped soffits to cover the exposed ductwork.

دلائل الميزات

  New, open plan office

  New millwork fabricated to match existing

  Extensive data scope

  Design-Build MEP systems