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24 North Washington Street, Naperville, IL

ملخص المشروع

Renovation of a bank building for a Montessori school

حجم المشروع

19,500 SF

موعد الإكمال


مهندس معماري

Torch Architecture, Inc.


Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc

Guidepost Montessori, operated by Higher Ground Education, is the world’s largest Montessori network, serving over 7,000 families on over 80 campuses across the U.S. and Asia. Their holistic approach “educates the whole child,” providing a knowledge-rich environment that enables social, emotional, and physical development.

Higher Ground Education contracted Helios Construction Services to build out their new downtown Naperville location, making this our sixth Guidepost Montessori buildout. The existing building was a bank that had occupied the space since the 1960s. The project involved extensive exterior and interior improvements to provide light, airy, and calming environments characteristic of Guidepost schools. The 19,500 SF facility offers a completely remodeled interior and outdoor playground conveniently located in Naperville’s downtown core, steps away from the train station.

دلائل الميزات

  Demolished three floors and a drive-through canopy

  Extensive façade enhancements, including a new playground area

  Broad interior enhancements, including new walls, finishes, ceilings, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing