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مصنع الجعة بالمورال نصف فدان


Half Acre Beer Company


2050 W Balmoral Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

ملخص المشروع

Buildout of kitchen and taproom next to a production facility and a later kitchen reconfiguration.

حجم المشروع

60,000 SF

موعد الإكمال

2017, 2021

مهندس معماري

SPACE Architects (2017)
Vertu Architecture + Design (2021)


Cartland Kraus Engineering, Ltd. (2017) (MEP)
Calor Design Group (2021) (MEP)
Goodfriend Magruder Structure, LLC (2021) (Structural)

In 2008, Half Acre opened as one of Chicago’s first production breweries before the craft brewery scene took off, and they quickly became one of the city’s most successful breweries. By 2015, their growth spurred them to open a second brewing facility on Balmoral Avenue, including a taproom and outdoor beer garden.

Helios has worked closely with Half Acre to complete various renovations to their 60,000 SF Balmoral facility. We were first contracted in 2017 to build out a new taproom and kitchen next to their production facility. Our work consisted of all new MEP/FP systems, floor and wall finishes, masonry work, and new windows. We closely coordinated with the client to ensure that all MEP provisions were properly laid out for the new kitchen and taproom equipment.

In 2021, Helios was brought back in to reconfigure Half Acre’s kitchen. A brand-new Type 1 kitchen exhaust hood was installed, along with a new kitchen exhaust fan and make-up air unit. The underground plumbing and existing electrical were reconfigured to allow for the new kitchen layout. All new fiberglass reinforced panels, acoustic ceiling tile, and an anti-slip epoxy floor were installed. Helios worked closely with Trimark to confirm all equipment requirements were met and establish timely delivery/install of the kitchen equipment.

دلائل الميزات

  New MEP/FP systems, floor and wall finishes, masonry work, and new windows

  New Type 1 kitchen exhaust hood, exhaust fan, and make-up air unit

  Reconfigured underground plumbing and electrical

  Newly installed fiberglass reinforced panels, acoustic ceiling tile, and anti-slip epoxy flooring