علم من أجل تجديد مكتب أمريكا


Teach for America, Inc.


300 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60606

ملخص المشروع

Full-floor office renovation in a tight 6-week schedule including asbestos abatement.

حجم المشروع

17,000 SF

موعد الإكمال


مهندس معماري



Environmental Group, Inc.
Advanced Consulting Group International

Teach for America is a nonprofit organization aiming to eliminate educational inequity.

Helios completed a 17,000 SF renovation of an entire floor at 300 W. Adams for Teach for America as they relocated and consolidated operations in 2016. Work entailed a new entry, new flooring, finishes throughout, revamped conference spaces, new modular furniture, new lighting, and custom millwork in a tight and aggressive 6-week schedule. Helios isolated contained and completed abatement with minimal impact on the project schedule when unanticipated asbestos was discovered during demolition. A collaborative approach during preconstruction and construction allowed the client to confidently vacate the premises and return their staff to a new home.

دلائل الميزات

  Aggressive schedule

  All new finishes throughout

   Coordinated all moves to maintain operations

   Expanded conference area