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Reyes Beer Division Office


Reyes Holdings, LLC


2606 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL


Conversion of a 48,000 SF Art Van furniture store into new office space, a 2,000 SF rooftop terrace, and associated site work.


50,000 SF





Founded in 1976, Reyes Beer Division grew from a small Schlitz beer distributor to the largest beer distributor in the United States. They deliver over 280 million cases annually to nearly 100,000 retail accounts nationwide and employ over 7,000 people.

Helios teamed with O.K.W. Architects to repurpose an existing 48,000 SF retail space into a new office space for Reyes Beer Division (RBD). The scope of the project included demolition, modifying the building shell and interior structure, structural work to support a new roof deck, removing a two-story escalator, adding a new elevator, a complete overhaul of the existing HVAC system, installing a new electrical structure, and building out several innovative amenity spaces. Exterior work included adding new landscape and hardscape, building a full bar, and other related features.

Overall, the new office provides 173 desks for RBD employees alongside original office amenities for them to enjoy.

Photography: Steve Hall © Hall + Merrick + McCaugherty Photographers

Key Features

  Complete overhaul of the HVAC system

  LEED and green-building construction practices

  Finishing of concrete slab floors as 60% of the total areas to minimize the amount purchased materials

  Fully automated lighting controls system with interlocked window shades