Helios Construction Anna Delseith Project Intern

Anna Delseith

Project Engineer

Anna has been interested in designing and building things from a young age. Having studied both architecture and construction engineering and management in university, she loves to see projects come together.

Anna Delseith joined Helios as a Project Intern in the summer of 2022, interned for us for nearly a year, and we were thrilled to hire her as a Project Engineer in 2023. She recently graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master in Construction Engineering and Management. Originally an architecture student, her interests shifted more towards construction and design projects as she wanted to learn more about the construction industry and understand how it was tied to the work she completed as an architecture student.

As a Project Engineer, Anna works with project teams to ensure effective bidding, scheduling, and project management of Helios’ projects and document and submittal management. She also coordinates with subcontractors to plan work in the office and the field.


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